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  • Individual Membership

    Every year
    Single Member
    • Nationwide and Local Chapter Acess
    • Event Discounts
    • Exclusive Digital Content
    • Networking Opportunities
  • Household Membership

    Every year
    Perfect for households up to 4.
    • All benefits of Individual Membership plus:
    • Extended to a couple and up to three children under 18
  • VIP Membership

    Every year
    Discounts, VIP Access, and more.
    • All benefits of the Household Membership
    • Exclusive Events
    • Priority Seating
    • Personalized Communications
    • Dedicated Support
    • Custom VIP Badges to wear at our meetings and events
  • Lifetime VIP Membership

    For a Lifetime
    • All benefits of VIP Membership plus:
    • Lifetime Access and Benefits
    • Legacy Recognition
    • Exclusive Retreats
    • Advisory Opportunities

More Information


As a member of the Jewish Republican Alliance,

you gain access to a range of exclusive benefits. Individual Members and Household Members receive nationwide chapter access, event discounts, and exclusive digital content. As a member, you get to engage with influential conservative leaders, thinkers, and community members at exclusive networking events.

VIP & Lifetime VIP Members

As a VIP and Lifetime VIP Member of the

Jewish Republican Alliance, you get access to exclusive events and private receptions with prominent conservative figures. You will also get priority seating at our sought-after events, direct updates from the leadership on future projects, and custom VIP Badges to be worn at our meetings and events. 

Here's how your membership
makes a meaningful impact:

Building Community and Engaging Members

Your contributions help us host regular meetings and national events, bringing together members from across the country to foster a strong sense of community and shared purpose. These gatherings serve as a platform for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas, strengthening the bonds within our organization.

Educational Resources and Workshops

We provide a wide range of educational materials and workshops on topics critical to conservatism, American values, and the importance of Israel. Through your donations, we can continue to enlighten our members and the public, nurturing a well-informed community that is empowered to advocate for our shared values.

Political Advocacy and Partnerships

Your donations are vital in organizing advocacy campaigns for conservative candidates and causes, amplifying our voice and extending our reach. By partnering with other conservative organizations, we maximize the impact of our efforts, uniting a broader community under common goals and objectives.

Online Presence and Communication

In today's digital age, a robust online presence is crucial. Your support allows us to develop and maintain our website and social media channels, facilitating effective communication and collaboration among our members and with the wider public.

If you’d like more information about how you can make a difference, get in touch today.


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