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Your contribution to the Jewish Republican Alliance is not just a donation. You are making a difference—your support is vital in driving our mission.   By supporting us, you empower growing  movement devoted to the values that bind America and Israel together—liberty, justice, and freedom. 

Thank you for supporting Jewish Republican Alliance. The JRA is a 501(c)(3) Not For Profit Organization. All donations are tax-deductible. Our Tax ID number is 82-2606166.


Donations are tax deductible according to IRS Guidelines.

By providing your phone number, you are are consenting to receive calls and text messages from Jewish Republican Alliance. Message and data rates may apply. Jewish Republican Alliance takes data privacy very seriously, and you can read our entire privacy policy at...

There are many ways to support Jewish Republican Alliance. If you have any questions regarding how to donate, please contact us at

What JRA can do with your Donation Dollars

Amplifying Conservative Voices: 

Your support enables us to host distinguished speakers and organize large-scale events, expanding our dialogue on crucial issues and influencing the political landscape.

Building a Legacy:

Your contributions ensure we continue to fight for the important freedoms and security for us, and for our children and grandchildren. 

Expanding Our Reach:

Every donation helps us grow our chapters and enhance our digital presence, making our collective voice louder and our actions more impactful.

National Conferences:

Host a national conference or summit to bring together members from across the country and to showcase the work of the organization.

Educating and Engaging:

With your help, we provide educational resources and engaging content that empowers our community to advocate effectively and stay informed on pivotal topics.


Support conservative leaders and scholars through initiatives such as scholarships, grants, and awards.


Your donation to the Jewish Republican Alliance can significantly amplify our collective voice and impact. With your support, we can organize regular meetings and events that not only engage our members but also strengthen the bonds within our community. We're committed to providing educational resources and workshops on vital topics related to conservatism, America, and Israel, ensuring our members are well-informed and equipped to advocate for our shared values.

Your contribution will enable us to spearhead political advocacy campaigns, supporting conservative candidates and causes that align with our principles. By partnering with like-minded conservative organizations, we can enhance our efforts, creating a unified front that resonates more powerfully across the nation.

We envision hosting a national conference to unite members from all corners of the country, showcasing the impactful work we're doing together. An expanded online presence, including a dynamic website and active social media channels, will foster communication and collaboration among our members, keeping our community connected and engaged.

Your donation will also support our engagement with elected officials and policymakers, advocating for the interests of America and Israel and promoting conservative values at the highest levels. We aim to support conservative leaders and scholars through scholarships, grants, and awards, nurturing the next generation of thought leaders and activists.

Community service projects and initiatives will exemplify our conservative values in action, making a tangible difference in local communities. Guest speakers and experts will enrich our gatherings with insights and inspiration, while a mentorship program will ensure that new members receive the guidance and support they need to thrive within our organization.

Furthermore, we plan to develop a network of grassroots activists, host forums and debates on critical issues, and establish a research and policy team to inform our advocacy. Scholarship programs will invest in young conservatives dedicated to our causes, and voter registration drives will mobilize our base to make their voices heard.

Partnerships with other organizations will expand our resources and expertise, and a leadership development program will prepare the next wave of conservative leaders. Workshops and training sessions will hone our members' skills in effective communication and political activism, ensuring we're all equipped to champion our causes effectively.

Every dollar you donate fuels these initiatives, empowering us to make a more significant impact and to uphold the values we hold dear. Together, we can shape a brighter future for America and Israel, grounded in the principles of conservatism.

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